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This is the Real Margaret River winery tour that you have been looking for! Our Winemaker Nigel is the man to take you on a journey of wine like no other. The curtain will lift and you will be exposed to some incredible wines and winemaking insights.

Choose a tour with Wine Tastings only for $55 per person or the tour with Reserve Wine Tastings and a Tasting Plate for $90 per person.

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Review from Lysle: "Thank you for the personal tour it was very informative and great to see what it takes and is involved in making your superb wines. Tasting your next vintages from the barrels was a particular highlight and I see another world class vintage coming soon. I would highly recommend the tour to the novice and experienced wine drinker, the wine tastes better when you also know how its made and how intricate the process is."

Review from Greg "I booked the tour with Wine Tastings only for my wife and I because we love the Evoi Chardonnay, and were interested in learning more about it. We did not know much about the content of the tour going in, but figured that the cost was low and getting to go 'backstage' and taste Evoi's wines in bottles would be worth the cost on its own. As it happened, we had a fantastic time, and consider that we got vastly more than our money's worth. The tour itself consisted of Nigel showing us through the winery, explaining the steps in the winemaking process, and the equipment used for each, and essentially drawing a clear line between grape and bottle, answering all of our questions the whole time. We have both been on winery tours that covered this before, but never so clearly, and while walking between (and sometimes through) each separate piece of equipment and explaining what it does (and why, and why Nigel has chosen to use it rather than some other alternatives). We then got to taste several different wines from several different barrels, with Nigel providing his comments on each (and answering all of our many questions). Finally, we were treated to a VIP tasting of all of the many different Evoi wines, with Nigel explaining what he had been trying for with each, linking various of them back to the ones we had tried in barrel, and continuing to answer all of our questions.

We would unreservedly recommend the tour to anyone that has an interest in the winemaking process (at all) and doubly so to anyone that has an interest in Evoi wines."